Main page

After successfully logging in to the MA, you are taken to the main page (the Payment page).
In the MA, you can see the name of the store at the top and the MA navigation at the bottom. They are displayed in all sections of the application.
The main page of the MА displays:

  • entering the payment amount.
  • payment button via QR
  • payment button via Card

When entering the amount on the Payment page, the QR and Card buttons will become active for pressing.
Payment by QR

When you click the QR button on the Payment page, a page opens where a QR code is displayed that contains a link to go to the payment page.
Below the QR code there is a link that also leads to the payment page.
If you click on the button you can share this link in any way you like.

Payment by card

When you click on the Card button, the payment transaction through the Freedom POS application is initialized.
To pay by Card, the Freedom POS application must be installed and synchronized (located in the Settings section).