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Payment solutions for online business across the globe

Unique opportunities for the growth of your business.
International expertise in payments and technologies and support of Freedom Finance ecosystem.

Customize the payment solutions depending on your goals

Card payments
Online acceptance of most popular cards around the world
Contactless payments
Payment from smartphones in a couple of clicks for those who save time
Online fiscalization
Send online receipts to email and messengers
Transfers to cards
Provide secure money transfers from corporate accounts to private cards
Regular payments
Ensure future purchases due to automatic
Work with customers individually by sending a payment link
E-wallets and messengers
State-of-the-art payment methods
Mobile commerce
Payment from mobile phone balance for small purchases

Security of all operations

We keep the banking card data secure and process it according to the international security standard of payments systems
Anti-fraud solution
We prevent fraudulent operations by using technologies of SecureBox payment monitoring
Data encrypting
We encrypt banking card data and do not save it on web servers
3D Secure
We use the 3-D secure payment protection to minimize the risk of fraud associated with stolen cards.
Simple integration of all payment methods within one contract
Opportunity to develop the business in different countries as our partners
High conversion in successful payments
24/7 technical support to solve question in a fast mode
Personal manage to help your grow and develop your business
Personal area to monitor payments and track statistics
Adaptive payments forms for your website - checkout, iframe and payment page
On-the-shelf modules to integrate with website - more than 20 CMS, API and SDK
Why we
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